Dating a truck driver

“A good relationship is hard to keep going when two folks are apart for that length of time.” For Kathy Harders, founder of LOADS (Loved Ones and Drivers Support), a prominent Web site dedicated to supporting trucker spouses, this was especially true.

“The confusion of the life—not knowing when your spouse would return home, having to deal with all the home-front ups and downs—I became frustrated.” Hawks warns of the demands a trucking lifestyle can have on a personal relationship. “Many aren’t sure if they can take the daily grind day-in and day-out for months and years.” Communicate Effectively Harders recommends setting up a scheduled time and day for the drivers to call home within a range of three to five hours, to ensure steady communication.

I want to make sure I'm not just jumping to conclusions. I want to make sure I'm not just jumping to conclusions. Now on the other hand it could have been business but having owned and operated my own my wife new every business # and female's that I dealt with.tch to her because it takes two and personally you'll get further (if you remember that he's the one you should be angry with) if you just go all off on the girls she's not going to tell you the truth this way you find out both sides and what your husband is like on the road! I want to make sure I'm not just jumping to conclusions. I would assume that when someone would keep a phone number then they must have some intent to use the number,or they would have simply discarded it.I was married to a woman that had no trust in me from the start of the relationship and I was unfaithful to her! Prostitutes are pretty common,in truck stops,and some of the truckers may take advantage of that fact,whereas most would be the wiser,and not.For Livingstone and others, nurturing romance with someone who’s often out on the road for weeks at a time can be challenging.That is why trust and communication are especially important.

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What do you think your wife talks about with her friends while you’re on the road?

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