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Michael would like to give credit to Ray Rodriguez, his first true teacher in stage combat, and to all of the cast and crew members of previous incarnations of Hit and Match for helping make the show something special and now everlasting!Michael won Best Playwriting Award for One Act\Short Form of 2013's production, and the show was nominated for 6 other awards.Online dating is a process of communicating and making friends between two individuals.This has gained popularity with the time and has changed the lives of millions of the people throughout the world.

Sooner or later, someone is going to come up with a dating app that gives you your best match based on your birth times according to Chinese .

Most of the bachelors of USA and Europe use online dating service to either find a partner or to make new friends to enhance their social life.

Online dating is preferred by many singles to find true love and friendship.

One should just be smart enough and should know to handle the initial contact to gain the benefit of online dating.

It is very important in a relation to make individual earn your trust.

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Let’s play a quick word association game, where you blurt out the first word that appears in your head to the word that you see.

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  1. Fidden refers to people who hold unorthodox views as "awake," and says that publicly professing these perspectives can make finding companionship more difficult than usual.