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If he falls who gave the insult (the crime of words is worst, the tongue a prime slayer) let him lie in the valueless field i.e.He who had been challenged was to have the first blow.

Forget queuing up for three hours to eat another overpriced burger in London.

He visits after dinner, on Christmas Eve, in person. In Sweden, the average worker pays close to 60% of his or her wages in taxes and government fees.

So we wouldn't have to wake up at 6 a.m., we'd get our presents a day early, and we'd get to meet him. But they get it back in excellent child care, hospitals, old people’s homes and jails. To make sure kids get equal attention from both mum and dad, fathers are encouraged to take two months paternity leave in Sweden.

In the local languages, Skandinavia/Skandinavien often means the European parts of Denmark, Norway and Sweden, whereas the name Norden is more commonly used for the extended region that includes Finland, Iceland, and overseas parts of Denmark and Norway.

The name Scandinavia originally referred vaguely to the formerly Danish, now Swedish, region Scania.

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For the broader group of northern European countries including Finland and Iceland, see Nordic countries. The term Scandinavia always includes the three kingdoms of Denmark, Norway, and Sweden.

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