Who is klaus dating in real life

Later, they bonded over a painter's artwork when Camille described the artwork and the painter.

Klaus was impressed by her and Camille was seen to bring out the humanity in Klaus. Cami supported Klaus against his father and was the only one who trusted him in his solo fight against Dahlia.

“It makes complete sense that they were this amazing, incredibly naive, incredibly hopeful, incredibly young and innocent [couple], at a wonderful point in their relationship, where they’re essentially like ‘Forget this. You have to talk about things.” When we were on set, the cast was in the middle of shooting Episode 7 — and Klaus was still doggedly pursuing Caroline.

We’re going to run away, we have each other, that’s all we need. “Klaus certainly is going to play a part in tormenting their relationship,” Candice confirms.

Klaus followed his sister's advice and declared his feelings to Cami outside on the balcony.Stefan is in a predicament, he's on the run and he needs to get the hell out of town.He goes to New Orleans because there is a safe haven there and it just so happens that, sure enough, he bumps into good ol' Klaus Mikaelson, so he's ingratiated into that world in a very organic fashion.Some reports suggest Bex is a straight girl, while others suggest she is a lesbian although she is not found dating anyone.No records of her having an affair with a boyfriend or girlfriend till now suggest that she has been very careful about revealing her sexuality.

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