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You should The red flags will come out sooner rather than later.Going slow with a new guy could mean getting a not so happy surprise six months in when you learn something weird or a secret comes to light. Even if your relationship crashes and burns, hey, at least you gave it your all. As a wise man once said, it’s better to have loved and lost than never have loved at all. I can never understand why girls get such flak for supposedly texting a guy way too much or generally being too into the new romance.Loving a Virgo is equally as intense as it is rewarding.They will love harder than anyone you've ever loved, but loving them can be difficult sometimes. Here are seven wonderful things about Virgos you should know before dating one of us: This includes but is not limited to the future in general, your future as a couple (even if it's the first date), the outfit they're wearing, the people they'll invite to your potential wedding, the state of national politics, the way they'll raise their children, the thing they said at lunch the other day, the thing they said at lunch in 4th grade, the quote they had tattooed on them and if they've done enough planning for their retirement (even if they're 22 years old).Girls who are super into relationships get a lot of flak.

Nothing makes us more vulnerable than falling in love. Sometimes we plan to do or say something weeks in advance. We look at people without blinking (often mistaken for psychopathy). If someone stepped on it we would cringe, shriek, or melancholically stare at its remains for 10 minutes. That doesn’t mean it’s true, of course – if you’re that girl, it’s just who you are, and it’s your reality.It must work out somehow, or you’d never have any boyfriends at all.

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I’m talking about the magic emotion called attraction.

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